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Product: KEIM Soldalit-ME

Wernerska Villan, GΓΆteborg

The best preserved 1880s house in Gothenburg.

This palatial private residence was built in 1886 for wholesaler Carl Wijk and his wife Emma Helena RΓΆhss. The architect Adrian Crispin Peterson designed the house inspired by villas in northern Germany and the builder was N Andersson & Co. When the grand house was completed, it became known as the Wijk Palace. Electric light and gas pipes were installed from the beginning, making the building the first private residence in Gothenburg with electricity. The power itself came from a steam engine-driven dynamo in the basement.

When Carl Wijk died, the villa was taken over by his eldest son Carl Olof Wijk, who then sold it to wholesaler Gustaf Werner in 1915. On his death in 1948, Werner gave the building to the City of Gothenburg.

Wernerska Villan was declared a listed building in 1968. It is today the city's best preserved 1880s house and is now mainly used for representation of the City of Gothenburg.

The facade was renovated in 2020 and 2021 with KEIM Soldalit-ME Grob and KEIM Soldalit-ME (colour 9312).

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