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Indoor climate systems

Insulating panels

KEIM Mycal-Lava

Capillary-active, permeable, fibre-free, mineral, solid insulation panel made of calcium silicate hydrates, biologically harmless and fully recyclable. Incombustible A1 as per DIN EN 13501-1, officially approved.

Colour shade
natural white
Panel thickness [mm]Rated value thermal conductivity [W/mK]m² per bundlem² per palletCompressive strength [kPa]
250,055*3.1256.16β‰₯ 300
300,050*2.6046.80β‰₯ 200
500,045*1.5628.08β‰₯ 200
600,045*1.3023.40β‰₯ 200
800,045*1.0418.72β‰₯ 200
Packaging additional info
* Nominal value of thermal conductivity Ξ»D (23/50)
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