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Cultural and Congress Centre JORDANKI

The Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre lies like an embedded rock in Poland's medieval UNESCO World Heritage city of ToruΕ„. Due to a particularly roughly worked concrete structure, the building complex looks like a cave both inside and out.

Fernando Menis
City of ToruΕ„
Jakub Certowicz
ToruΕ„, Poland
  • Concretal-Lasur
  • Restauro-Lasur

The building was designed by the Spanish architect Fernando Menis. With its brick interior, it makes reference to the nearby old town of ToruΕ„. The building has already received several awards. Among others, it was considered one of the 7 new Polish wonders by National Geographic. It was also awarded the "Best Cultural Project" prize at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in 2010. Modern solutions in the field of acoustics and the design of the auditorium make the centre a perfect venue for all types of events, both large cultural events, congresses, conferences, fairs, and smaller events in the field of MICE.

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