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KEIM. The craft of producing paint for craftsmen

Inspire your customers with the world's most durable and brilliant paints!

Silicate paints since 1878

In the past 100 years, paints by KEIM have proven their worth in every climate zone in the world. Our company's roots are in Germany, with headquarters in Diedorf and our production plant in Luckau. Short delivery chains for raw materials improve the company's carbon footprint while enhancing the sustainability of our products. This is where we are constantly working with research laboratories and institutes at furthering the development of our products to expand our know-how lead. Our paints are exported from here to destinations all over the world. Our subsidiaries and partner dealers provide optimum support and advice in each specific country.

Our service for you

Quality, responsibility and service are not just words we use but are part and parcel of our practised corporate philosophy.

We monitor your projects individually and for each specific order, right through to completion. By choosing the ideal material and correct method of application, together we will achieve the best possible result for your project. Our consultants and application engineers assist you on site, e.g. by

  • Checking substrates
  • Colour consulting and sampling at the building
  • Comprehensive advice and assistance with ETICS and IDS
  • Lab analyses, expert reports and plans of action for renovation projects
  • Special diagnoses of concrete buildings
  • Support for your marketing and advertising measures
  • Advanced training opportunities with the KEIM Academy
What makes KEIM paints so special?

The main advantages of KEIM mineral paints at a glance

Durable and colour stable

It's no problem for a facade coating by KEIM to last at least 20 years โ€“ in terms of both appearance and functionality. They can easily last for twice as long, and actually, some facade coatings with KEIM paints are 100 years old! They contain only lightfast, inorganic pigments. This means the facade paint does not fade! Blue is still blue, even decades later!

Extremely vapour permeable

Ideal when it comes to building physics: silicate paints by KEIM are extremely vapour permeable. Any moisture present in the building is quickly emitted to the outside and moisture congestion is avoided. This offers optimum protection from water and moisture damage. The vapour permeability and alkaline composition make it difficult for algae, fungi and mould to form on the surfaces, achieved without any biocides. Dirt particles also find it much harder to adhere to silicate coatings. Clean facades in the long-term are guaranteed.

Ecological and healthy

Sustainable building and renovating are right in line with current trends. KEIM products put you on the safe side with your customers. Mineral paints by KEIM present an outstanding ecological profile from raw material extraction via production, application and the entire life-cycle through to disposal. Furthermore, our interior paints contain no solvents, plasticisers or preservation agents. They are therefore also perfect for allergy sufferers and children. This has been confirmed by numerous testing institutes.

For painters

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