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Childcare centre β€žBetween forest and lakeβ€œ

Nursery school facades are usually eye-catchers: they often attract attention in a cheerful and colourful way - Sometimes the nursery school facade already gives an indication of the institution's concept from the outside. This is also the case with the Kindergarten "Between Forest and Lake" in southern Germany, whose facade is designed with wood in various ways.

3+architekten glogger.mΓΌller.blasi architekten + stadtplaner partgmbb, Augsburg
Community of Zusmarshausen
Norbert Liesz
Zusmarshausen, Germany
  • Lignosil-Color

The name of the kindergarten "Between Forest and Lake" in Zusmarshausen already reveals a lot about the educational concept of the facility. The children are to be familiarised with nature and explore their environment in a variety of ways. The focus on nature already indicated on the facade continues inside: 

The colour scheme picks up on the central theme of "trees". In addition, the use of healthy building materials played a major role for all those responsible, such as floors made of rubber and furniture made of wood.

The solid construction of the kindergarten was also equipped with a ventilated wooden facade, which was made of wooden profiles on the one hand and plywood on the other. According to architect Claudia MΓΌller of 3+arch glogger.mΓΌller.blasi from Augsburg, wood was also chosen here because of its appearance, sustainability and energy efficiency. And also because it is a natural product.

Colourful concept

Architect Claudia MΓΌller on the choice of colours: "The day care centre has a strong connection to the forest. The groups are named after trees such as chestnut, lime, oak and maple. Accordingly, the colour spectrum on the facade is chosen in natural tones, basic shade of the facade in grey beige with partial areas in green and orange on the wooden facade."

Vertical, light brown 3-D wooden profiles dominate the outer shell, interrupted by orange and light green stripes. Towards the playground at the back, green-painted facade plywood can be found.

Well integrated

When designing the facade of a building, it is always important to take into account the surroundings and neighbouring buildings. Claudia MΓΌller describes the situation: 

"In a surrounding development of older residential and commercial buildings, the kindergarten presents itself as independent through its restrained colour design and at the same time makes itself recognisable as a kindergarten."

KEIM Lignosil-Color from KEIMFARBEN was also chosen for the wooden facade: 

Claudia MΓΌller explains, "The opaque silicate coating chosen is considered lightfast, extremely weather-resistant and therefore durable, and its velvety matt appearance allows for an unobtrusive colour design."

Exemplary and inspiring

Martina Knorr from the Eurokindergarten is also very happy about the positive feedback from educators, children, parents and also neighbours:

"Everyone is happy and feels the naturalness also through the wooden boarding and the oiled floors. This kindergarten has a high feel-good factor. And in the end, even the municipality and city councillors, who were initially critical of the colourful facade, are thrilled - just like me, because I too have never realised such a colourful facade before." 

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