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The thermal insulation composite system KEIM AquaROYAL-Reno is thick-layered, non-combustible, sustainable, biocide-free.

Added value through

  • energetic improvement of the insulation performance of the facade
  • high application safety of a proven renovation system
  • sustainable further use of already existing insulation materials
  • avoidance of landfill and disposal costs for the existing old system
  • the proven quality and mineral matt appearance of KEIM's mineral paints


  • stable, first old ETICS with insulation boards made of EPS, mineral wool, mineral wool slats
  • HWL boards concreted in one layer
  • the substrate must be evaluated by an expert

Approval and determination

  • KEIM approval Z-33.49-1505 in conjunction with KEIM approval Z-33.43-185
  • the fire classification is based on the old system and the versions of the approval Z-33.49- 1505
  • any doubling according to Z-33.49-1505 must be reported to KEIM

System overview

KEIM Pulverkleber-90

Hydraulically setting, powdery cement-based adhesive.

Adhesive and reinforcing compound for KEIM external thermal insulation composite systems.

Colour shade
natural white
power stirrer, filler knife, notched trowel, trowel, rendering machine, feed pump
4–5 kg/mΒ² as adhesive or reinforcement.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
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