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New KEIM Design-Lasur METALLIC colours

Last summer we introduced 4 new base colours in the KEIM Design-Lasur range with a metallic look; a blue, a green, a white and a black one.

Our skilled colour craftsmen in France have since then worked intensively with these shades and they have created a new unique and broad colour range that now also includes several beautiful colours in shades of blue, green and grey - both deep, dark and light, bright tones.

We can thereby now offer 40 unique and beautiful metallic colours. From warm golden tones to cool aqua colours, all with a fascinating metallic effect that can add a unique and eye-catching dimension to both indoor spaces and outdoor facades.

Use the colours as they are, or create a transparent colour by diluting with KEIM Design-Fixativ. Paint directly onto untreated surfaces or as a finishing coat on one of our other colours products, for a metallic effect. When it comes to KEIM Design-Lasur, the only limit is your creativity.

Create decorative facades and walls with our wide selection of Design Lasur METALLIC.

Read more about our Design Lasur products here.

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