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KEIM Lignosil system: Silicate paints for wood

Innovative wood paints and wood glazes for sustainable buildings.

Wood protection: KEIM Lignosil, the first silicate paint for wooden surfaces

For more than twenty years, the developers at KEIM worked on transferring the successful model of silicate paint to wood in the framework of a research project, supported by well-known institutes. In 2013, KEIM Lignosil was launched on the market as the first mineral composite coating to protect wood from the influence of the weather. KEIM has thus engineered a durable, economical and aesthetic system for the substrate wood. The unique, innovative properties of this wood protection coating are documented by a European patent for the system and the products. Developing a silicate coating for the organic substrate wood constituted a pioneering advance in the quality of wood coating. The KEIM Lignosil System consists of paints and glazes for both exterior and interior use, from opaque to semi-transparent. The velvet matte appearance of the wood paint Lignosil-Color sets new standards in wood aesthetics, wood protection and wood architecture, and underlines the character of wood.

KEIM Lignosil-Color – the perfect wood paint for exterior use

Conventional coatings for wood – wood paints and wood protection glazes based on linseed oils, alkyd resin, acrylates and other plastics – have a limited service life of approximately 3 to 7 years,  depending on the quality and the stresses involved. The lacking UV-resistance of the wood paints respectively glazes, together with premature decomposition of the binder, causes cracks, spalling and differences in colour in wood protection. In turn, this leads to high maintenance costs, short renovation cycles and elaborate preparatory work before applying a new coat of wood paint or glaze to protect the wood. This does not apply to the innovative, silicate wood paint for exterior use: KEIM Lignosil-Color.

The advantages of the wood paint Lignosil-Color

  • Outstanding moisture protection
  • UV-stable and absolutely lightfast
  • Unrivalled durability and extremely weatherproof in exterior use
  • Velvety matt surface look and easy to renovate
  • Tested as per DIN EN 927
  • External supervision by WKI Braunschweig (Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research)
  • Patented system and products

The key advantages of the silicate system structure of the wood paint for exterior use are further enhanced by the low material and labour costs involved in renovating wood, thus making KEIM Lignosil-Color unbeatable in technical and economic respects. Due to its special ageing behaviour which is typical for silicates, the coating structure of KEIM Lignosil-Color is extremely durable and ensures that Lignosil surfaces do not usually need to be sanded before being renovated. Thorough cleaning of the surface is the only preparation needed, so that renewed priming with KEIM Lignosil-Base/-W is not necessary.

Controlled greying with the wood glaze Lignosil-Verano

Those who prefer a natural look and greying of exterior wood surfaces need look no further than the wood glaze KEIM Lignosil-Verano. By deliberately waiving a protective function, as desired in the case of wood coatings, the coat of KEIM Lignosil-Verano gradually turns into a natural grey as time passes. The wood glaze is available in several classic and metallic colour shades.

No extra coats need to be applied – the desired look of an elegant, greyed wood faΓ§ade develops by itself as a result of our glaze, without the need for any further effort or action.


Optimum room climate with Lignosil-Inco

KEIM Lignosil-Inco is a silicate interior wood paint for opaque and semi-transparent coloured coatings and for designing wood and wood-composite materials indoors. Lignosil-Inco maintains the natural hygroscopic properties of the wood and thus ensures a natural, odourless and pleasant indoor climate. The interior wood glaze is available in white and in all colours shades of the KEIM Exclusiv and KEIM Avantgarde colour charts. Other colour shades are available on request.

Are you still looking for the right wood product for interior or exterior use? We are the right partner for you. 

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KEIM paint systems for wood

Exterior wood paint

Covering, silicate coating for exterior wood components.

Greying glaze for wood

Silicate greying glaze for exterior wood components.

Interior wood paint

Wood coating for semi-transparent to opaque interior design elements.

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