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Stuccos and renders

KEIM Renovation and moisture regulation renders: Porosan and Seccopor

It's all about the pores - high performance renders that are open to diffusion.

Repair damaged structural substances

Buildings are subject to significant environmental influences. This can cause severe damage to their structure. Moisture can get into the brickwork and bring dissolved salts with it. Damage from moisture and salt will result in visible stains, efflorescence and paint or render flaking from the surface.

The special KEIM Porosan Sanierputz (renovation render) system, in combination with sealing measures, can successfully and permanently repair damaged structural substances. KEIM Porosan Sanierputz (renovation render) systems are characterised by high water-repellency and concurrent openness to diffusion. Moisture evaporates in the form of steam, while salt can crystallise in large pore volume without causing any damage.

KEIM Seccopor System is characterised by its hydrophilic properties and is used when humidity levels in a room need to be regulated, and condensation avoided. This render system is excellent for application on moist brickwork which is not heavily contaminated with salt, e.g. following flooding damage. It competently aids drying because it does not contain water-repelling substances.

Overview of KEIM renovation and moisture regulation renders

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