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KEIM stuccos and renders

Architecture with character: Noble structures and surfaces with purely mineral products create unique buildings.


Walls come to life with mineral renders! In addition to the colour, the structuring of the render expands the design dimensions of rooms and buildings.

These high-quality surfaces convince thanks to their top-class water vapour diffusion properties, have a sophisticated appearance and are resistant to mechanical stresses. In addition to decorative materials important for design purposes, KEIM also offers renders for special requirements such as renovation measures of walls damaged by salt and moisture. The products range from special adhesive renders for renovation work to special hydrophilic render for moisture regulation. Classic products such as lime render and diverse filler compositions also make up the wide product range by KEIM.

Advantages of our mineral renders

  • Environmentally friendly and economical
  • Perfect system coordination
  • Excellent processing properties
  • Specialised areas of application
  •  Safe and proven
Designing living spaces

Design with structure

Take a tour through the design variety of mineral plasters!


Overview of renders & filler compositions

Top Renders

KEIM top renders leave a sustainable mark on buildings and rooms, and give walls character and structure. Available in bagged powder form or as a ready-to-use bucket.

Base Renders

The right base is a mineral base. Whether render for light bricks or heavy murals, you will find the solution for your particular application right here

Adhesive & Renovation Renders

Whether mineral or organic mixed substrates, spalling, structural differences or cracks - with us you are equipped for all situations.

Lime Renders

A gift of nature! Our lime plasters for indoors and outdoors are easy to work with.

Renovation & Moisture Regulation Renders

Innovative special render for the moisture regulation in old and newly constructed buildings, as well as brickwork damaged by salt.

Filler compositions

For elegant or smooth walls – filler compositions for mechanical or manual application.

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