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Lime systems


A valuable gift of nature for ecologically-demanding construction.

Lime products for indoors and outdoors

Lime coatings have been used by people for hundreds of years in order to protect and decorate buildings and interiors, of which many monumental structures of the past show evidence that can still be seen today. Lime coatings have a very particular appearance โ€“ the intensive brilliance and the interesting, lively cloudiness of the coatings are what give it its very special look.

KEIM Romanitยฎ sets itself apart in that it uses slaked lime that has been stored for at least three years as the binding material, and the purest and best quality raw materials. 

Advantages of KEIM Romanit

  • Suitable for both exterior and interior use
  • Natural
  • Open to diffusion
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bactericidal

KEIM Romanit system products

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