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Le Corbusier Colours by KEIM


poLyChro-inteฬrieur provides walls and ceilings with a sensational colour depth and elegance.

The original Le Corbusier Colours by KEIM

poLyChroยฎ-inteฬrieur is the original Le Corbusier paint โ€“ a particularly high-class, rich in colour, velvet-matt interior paint on mineral base. Exclusively manufactured in absolutely unique colour shades according to master Le Corbusierโ€˜s colour keyboards and quality-monitored to the principles of Les Couleurs suisse AG representing the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris.


  • Unequalled colour depth and intensity
  • Purest colour pigments
  • Velvet-matt surface
  • Natural, mineral binder
  • Highly permeable for a healthy indoor climate
  • Ecologically sound
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Naturally anti-mould

Le Corbusier brochure

Need some more inspiration? We have compiled a lot more information about Le Corbusier and his Polychromie Architecturale for you in the brochure below. Have fun flipping through it!

KEIM poLyChro products

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