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Exterior paints

KEIM VERAMIN - mineral paint for any building

Every home deserves a silicate paint from KEIM.

Facade coatings with KEIM Veramin are durable and long-lasting

Your own four walls represent your life story, a matter of compassion and often times the heart in your life. It does not matter if the house is small or large, every house deserves a silicate coating from KEIM โ€“ highly durable, colour stable and of course, ecologically sound.

KEIM Veramin is the perfect painting material for anybuilding! Decisive are the "inner values" which are the optimal composition of binding agent, pigments, fillers and additives. KEIM's silicate technology is based on the principle of "silicification".

With application and while curing the liquid binder potassium water glass forms a chemical, insoluble bond with the substrate. This is why facade coatings with KEIM Veramin are so durable and long-lasting.

Tips and tricks for paint professionals

How to apply KEIM Veramin

KEIM Veramin system products

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