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Exterior paints

KEIM SOLDALIT: Mulitpurpose exterior sol-silicate paint

KEIM Soldalit is applied directly out of the bucket, dries homogeneously, and has excellent coverage capabilities.

For every substrate

KEIM Soldalit is based on the sol-silicate principle created by KEIM. Combining silica sol and potassium silicate gave rise to a binding agent that not only works very effectively on mineral substrates, but also shows excellent adhesion on old dispersion-bound coatings and renders.


Completely UV and colour stable

The breakdown of the binding agent in old organic coatings due to the influence of UV is stopped, and the structural-physics properties of the facade are maintained. KEIM Soldalit is completely UV and colour stable.

Tips and tricks for paint professionals

How to apply KEIM Soldalit

KEIM Soldalit system products

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