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KEIM Classic MW

The KEIM Classic-MW thermal insulation composite system is particularly economical, non-combustible, woodpecker-proof and sustainable.

Added value through

  • the proven quality of KEIM mineral paints and a non-combustible system structure
  • long-term colour stability - safe to use


  • solid masonry
  • concrete
  • aerated concrete
  • vertically perforated brick
  • in each case with and without plaster, if necessary, proof of adhesive tensile strength β‰₯ 0.08 N/mmΒ², in the system lamella, bonded
  • if necessary, priming with KEIM Indulaqua

Approval and determination

  • non-combustible A2 s1,d0 according to DIN EN 13501
  • up to 100 m building height (observe state building regulations!)
  • KEIM approval Z-33.43-185 (glued + dowelled)
  • lamella up to 200 mm, glued: KEIM approval Z-33.44-188 (glued)

System overview

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