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Concrete systems

KEIM Concretal-C: Carbonation protection

KEIM Concretal-C provides enhanced carbonation protection associated with very good water vapour permeability as well as protection from chloride loads.

CO2-protection, water protection chloride protection

Damage and effective protection, on the one hand, and achieving architectural aims on the other, often seem to be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, with Keim Concretal we can effectively protect the concrete while retaining its mineral character schieving specifications with regard to design, appearance, conservation and protection.

Convincing benefits of KEIM Concretal-C

  • Protection from steel corrosion and frost damage due to effective water-repellency
  • Protection from chloride corrosion due to the absence of water transport
  • Extremely fast re-drying of concrete due to low sd (H2O) value 
  • Protection from progressive carbonation due to elevated CO2 tightness
  • Long-term colour stability due to pure mineral pigments (Fb Code A1)
  • Greatly reduced soiling due to very largely antistatic and non-thermoplastic binder fractions
  • Retains original concrete appearance due to mineral matt finish

KEIM Concretal-C system products

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