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KEIM Concrete Systems

Mineral solutions with concrete character: renovation, protection and design of structures

Fair-faced concrete: KEIM paints for that perfect concrete look on your walls and rooms

Fair-faced concrete often triggers different feelings. Some people love it, while others think that concrete is just dull and boring. In fact, concrete is in demand today more than ever in modern architecture. Nor is it true to say that concrete is always grey, certainly not for modern wall design. Concrete walls can be painted blue, red, yellow, silver, gold or even black. Our paints for fair-faced concrete offer unlimited scope when designing and painting the walls. They provide effective protection for fair-faced concrete, while preserving its mineral character and the concrete look at the same time.


KEIM Concretal-Lasur: the glaze and concrete paint for that unmistakable concrete look

Our KEIM Concretal-Lasur is recommended for a transparently shimmering natural coating on concrete. Visible flaws on the walls and other surfaces are levelled out when the glaze is applied, while still allowing for coloured designs with wall paints. The natural aesthetics of the genuine concrete (concrete look) is not lost when KEIM Concretal-Lasur is applied – in contrast to synthetic coatings. Irregularities are evened out perfectly and naturally during application. Fair-faced concrete paints generate a special effect for the hitherto grey building. Purely mineral pigments make the glaze absolutely UV-stable. At the same time, when used outside the coat of paint applied protects the concrete wall from the weather, thus also preventing any penetration of aggressive harmful substances from the atmosphere. The surface is mineral matt. Varying glaze effects can be achieved in different dilution stages when applying the paint. Soiling is simultaneously minimised by the antistatic and non-thermoplastic binder. The extremely low sd/H2O level of the mineral concrete glaze ensures swift re-drying. 

KEIM Concretal-Black: the black paint for your concrete

Intensive black in five different shades and absolutely UV-stable – that is KEIM Concretal-Black for effortless painting and designing of concrete walls. The special black paint for concrete opens up a new dimension in concrete design. The unique concept of our KEIM Concretal concrete system protects and preserves the impression and special aesthetics of fair-faced concrete, giving particular emphasis to the concrete look. Our concrete paints can also be used without any problems for easy restoration or redesign of listed buildings, letting them gleam in new splendour. 

Other possible uses of concrete and advantages of our paints

Concrete is used wherever protection and safety matter. Outside, foundations, concrete walls, floors, ceilings, bridges, tunnels or high-rise buildings have to withstand extreme environmental influences. The concrete is inevitably damaged by weathering, water or de-icing salt.

With a low water vapour resistance and water absorption coefficient, KEIM Concretal-W gives concrete optimum protection from weathering influences and penetrating water, thus preventing corrosion of the concrete steel. Concretal-W-Grob is a filled variant that is used as primer on difficult and repaired concrete surfaces. It closes hairline cracks and levels structures to create the concrete look.

KEIM Concretal-C is used when the concrete surface needs extra CO2 protection. The CO2 tightness of this system plays a key role in certain applications. KEIM Concretal-C is the most colour-stable  CO2 concrete protection paint. The special formulation of selected raw materials enables  CO2 tightness with swift re-drying. The low water absorption coefficient ensures swift drying and thus protects the building material from steel corrosion, frost damage, chloride corrosion and progressing carbonation. KEIM Concretal-C with purely mineral pigments offers inspiring and convincing long-term colour stability.


KEIM Concretal System

Concrete is beautiful!

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Concrete Design

Inform now about all possibilities with our KEIM Concretal-System!

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Zaha Hadid Architects

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Overview of KEIM Concrete-Systems

Concrete coatings

Mineral solutions with preservation of the concrete character - renovation, protection and design of structures.

Mortar and fillers

Mortar and fillers for the repair of damaged areas in concrete.


For water-repellency of mineral building materials, in particular concrete we recommend KEIM Silan-100.

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