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Key benefits for facades

Ecological silicate paints by KEIM

Environmentally conscious construction means energy-efficient planning. But it also means deliberately choosing durable, mostly renewable, harmless materials that are easy to dispose of, such as ecological paints for facades and interiors. It makes a crucial contribution towards a better future and a better quality of life.

Selecting ecological facade and interior paints

Today, the choice of materials is one of the most important aspects in terms of ecologically optimising construction.

Besides the energy consumed when a building is in use, the characteristics of the construction materials such as paints also play a role in determining the ecological footprint of a building. Even if they only make up a very small share of the materials required, the effects of paints for facades and interiors should not be underestimated. Besides direct effects caused by the content of harmful substances or emissions during application, factors such as the consumption of resources and durability have a tangible effect on the ecological balance.

Keimfarben – the manufacturer of sustainable paints for healthy living

KEIM paints have an outstanding ecological profile: from raw material extraction via production, application and the entire life-cycle of the coat for facades and interiors, through to disposal of the existing coat. Many KEIM paints for facades and interiors are recommended by Sentinel Haus Institute. The Sentinel Haus website offers clients and architects a quick and easy overview of certified, sustainable construction products and ecological paints. To date, KEIM facade paints are the only ones throughout the whole of Europe to have been awarded the natureplus eco label as well. This label confirms compliance with high quality standards in terms of sustainability and is awarded by accredited test institutes on the basis of independently produced guidelines. A large number of categories are tested, including aspects such as paint manufacture, working conditions and harmless use through to disposal or recycling of the paints.


Mineral means ecological and free of harmful substances

Mineral paints, natural paints or so-called ecological paints exploit their positive characteristics to the full. Our ecological interior paints are based on natural raw materials. Due to the system, they contain no problematic additives such as solvents, plasticisers, biocides or preservatives which could be emitted into the surroundings. Ecological paints also mean safety for people and the environment.

The immense durability of mineral facade paints saves resources as well as money, with far longer intervals between renovations. And if renovations are necessary, the old facade can be simply cleaned with water. Thanks to the fact that mineral paints do not form thick layers on the substrate, no expensive stripping and disposal of the facade is necessary. Mineral paints protect the valuable building fabric from harmful environmental influences, thus making an immediate and natural contribution to sustainability.

Construction physics meets sustainability

Paints for facades and interiors by KEIM are optimised in terms of construction physics. Our silicate paints are hugely vapour permeable. Moisture contained in the building structure can be emitted quickly to the outside by our paints, avoiding tricky moisture congestion and preventing damage in the long term. In combination with low water absorption, this offers optimum protection from water and frost damage. The alkalinity and swift drying properties of our paints also make them unappealing for algae and fungi, thus eliminating the need for biocide additives which would be leached out of the facades into the groundwater by the rain!

Thermal insulation with KEIM – a mineral plus for the environment

Besides paints for facades and interiors, KEIM offers a wide range of mineral thermal insulation composite systems. Our thermal insulation composite systems also stand for sustainable, ecological construction and refurbishment, for saving energy and active environmental protection. Moreover, the matching specific KEIM renders and paints help protect resources by extending the renovation intervals.
By the way, our paints are made in Germany. We try to keep the supply chains for the raw materials as short as possible and use 100% green power in the production process, thus further improving the ecological footprint and sustainability of our products.

See for yourself the quality of our sustainable, ecological paints and products. The following pages provide more information about our environmentally friendly paints for facades and interiors and thermal insulation systems, all of which are harmless to humans.

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