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1. KEIM Ecosil ME Project Examples  
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2. Other KEIM Distributors  
Australia CONTACT Mr. Peter Collins Tel: +61 2 9699 1266 Mobile: +61 (0) 403 185 888 Email: info@keim.com.au www.keim.com.au CONTACT Tel. (+1) 450 430 4104 Fax (+1) 450 430 6855 Toll Free: +1-800-430-4104 Luc Genest (Québec and Maritimes) lgenest@kpmindustries.com Brandon Bernard (Ontario) bbernard@kpmindustries.com Mr. Tom Tipps Email: tony.tipps@keim.com Mr Tennant O'Connell Tel: +353 (0) 1 282 2877 Fax: +353 (0)1 282 2653 Email:  info@mcc.ie www.mcconnellspaints.com CONTACT Mr. Brian Greenall Tel: +64 3 578 0214 Mobile: +64 274 425 762 Fax: +64 3…  
3. Design with colour  
Information about the techniques and choices in relation to colour  
4. FAQs  
Frequently asked questions about KEIM Mineral Paints
5. The Mineral Principle  
KEIM Paints - The Mineral Principle
6. KEIM Events  
If you have allergies, you should take a very close look at the contents of paint regarding any components which could trigger allergies or an allergic reaction. Allergies are on the rise Medical professionals are worriedly observing that the number people experiencing allergic reactions are on the rise – as is the number of substances they are reacting to. Allergies are pathological hyperfunctions of the body's own immune system. Children also react significantly more sensitively than adults. Even low concentrations of harmful substances can affect their health and trigger allergic…  
7. About us  
Alt-Tag: old advertisement Keimfarben KEIM History → Read more about the company's history MISSION STATEMENT Production Made in Germany Learn more about the company's production process KEIM SOLDALIT® Universal, silicate facade paints Keim. Consistently mineral. DURABLE, COLOUR-FAST, LONG-LASTING. → LEARN MORE HERE. Adolf Wilhelm Keim established our company in 1878 with the invention of silicate paint technology. Today, the company is the world’s leading specialist in mineral paint protection and decoration, thanks to its sustainable solutions. KEIM offers the most…  
8. KEIM History  
2013 KEIM Lignosil – Mineral protection of wood surfaces. A milestone! However, Goethe was unable to translate his theories and findings into any practical uses. The catalyst for Adolf Keim's development work was King Ludwig I of Bavaria. This monarch had a great passion for the arts. He longed to replicate fine Italian lime fresco work in his own kingdom in Bavaria. But the harsh climate north of the Alps destroyed such frescos within a short time. He, therefore, called upon Bavarian scientists to develop a paint that was of similar appearance to lime frescos but also…  
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KEIM Mineral Paints - UK Manufacturer and Distributor
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KEIM Mineral Paints - Product Overview Page
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