Stokoe House, Alston


  • KEIM Algicid 
  • KEIM Universal Render
  • KEIM Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh
  • KEIM Royalan

Architect: Countryside Consultants


Stokoe House, Market Place, Alston


The Stokoe House is in the historic market town of Alston in Cumbria, which is in the North Pennines. This three-storey property consisted of previously painted smooth render and lime washed rubble stone. We specified using KEIM Algicid to treat mould and fungal growth, followed by a 10mm thickness of KEIM Universal Render and KEIM Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh for the patch repairs on the front elevation. Once the render had dried out for a minimum of 15 days, a three-coat application of the KEIM Royalan system was used to provide a high light reflecting matt appearance, which remains bright and vibrant, even on dull days. 

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