Seagull Cottage, Newport


  • KEIM Fixativ
  • KEIM Royalan

Seagull Cottage, Parrog, Newport 


Seagull Cottage is a mid 1800’s detached property, directly opposite the sea, in Newport. The owner wanted a solution to not have to repaint his home every year, KEIM was his answer. The previously limewashed render was beginning to powder in some areas, to which we recommended using KEIM Fixativ diluted 50:50 with water, this reduces the absorbency of the limewashed render and helps to consolidate the powdery surface. KEIM Royalan was then applied and one year later, the owner has said he “is very pleased and it still look like new, a far cry from having to re-paint in limewash every year which I did previously.” 

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