Royal College of Organists


  • KEIM Restauro Lasur

Achitect: Nigel Upchurch Associates

Contractor: A. C. Beck

Royal College of Organists, London


The Royal College of Organists stands immediately across the road from the Royal Albert Hall and was decorated with KEIM Mineral Paints over 17 years ago. The college was established in 1864, the result of an idea by Richard Limpus, organist of St Michael’s, Cornhill in the City of London. The KEIM Restauro Lasur system was used on this extraordinary building to provide a decorative effect that ties into the original historical details.

The external decoration involved the general façade and renovation of highly detailed panel incorporating bas-reliefs and sgraffito coloured plaster panels. Extensive site trials were carried out to create an accurate colour match and reinstatement to the original colours. KEIM’s earth oxide pigmentation mirrored the original materials, especially the specialist conservation of the murals and friezes. From the site trials, the best result was brushing and stippling to give a consistent and decorative finish. 

This project is a lovely example of the versatility and longevity of mineral paints. KEIM Mineral Paints are perfect for the renovation and restoration of historic buildings. The materials used on this particular project have highlighted the durability to be extremely outstanding. 

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