Poplar Baths, London


  • KEIM Soldalit
  • KEIM Ecosil-ME
  • KEIM Universal Render

Contractors: APA Concrete Repairs Ltd

Poplar Baths, Poplar, London


Poplar Baths were recently subject to major refurbishment works after a public campaign raised awareness and helped to secure funding to conserve the listed building which had fallen into an advanced state of disrepair.

Having stood unoccupied since 1988 and prior to that servicing members of the public for 55 years, there was no doubt that the iconic baths would require extensive structural repairs in order to bring the building back to a serviceable state fit for the redevelopment as a community leisure resource centre and residential apartments.

APA Concrete Repairs were employed during the design stage to provide early contractor involvement including their experience and specialist contractor knowledge in respect to structural repairs and protection of the full building. APA were part of the delivery team alongside stakeholders including Historic England, Tower Hamlets Council and Guildmore Construction. 

There were many challenges to overcome throughout the project. APA Concrete Repairs installed an impressed current cathodic protection system (ICCPS) to the steel frame sections of the building, and completed structural concrete repairs including galvanic anodes to the reinforced concrete middle section of the building, a unique arrangement of curved reinforced concrete columns forming a series of supporting arches. Once the concrete repairs had been completed APA applied protective anti-carbonation coatings to the columns and used KEIM Universal Render to provide a finish sympathetic with the original construction.

KEIM Universal Render is an extremely flexible, durable render system which was decorated with KEIM  Soldalit externally and KEIM Ecosil-ME internally.

Thank you to APA Concrete Repairs for the project photographs.

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