Kirkcowan Church


  • KEIM Algicid
  • KEIM I.G. Primer
  • KEIM Spachtel
  • KEIM Royalan
  • KEIM Lotexan N

Decorators: BCM Steeplejacks Ltd & D. Inglis & Son

Kirkcowan Church, Dumfriesshire


Kirkcowan Church is a Grade A listed building, which was built in 1834. Kirkcowan Church was originally decorated with KEIM Granital in 2004, however there was surface staining caused by run-off from capping detail. There was also moss and algae contamination, along with iron staining. When we visited Kirkcowan Church in 2016, we specified treating all areas which exhibits mould and fungal growth with KEIM Algicid and any areas showing staining were treated with KEIM I.G. Primer. All cracks or where the surface needing equalising, KEIM Spachtel was applied. Onto previously painted sandstone areas, a three-coat application of KEIM Royalan was used as it is suited for exposed locations and demanding environments. KEIM Lotexan N was applied onto the bare sandstone details to prevent water ingress whilst still retaining the look and breathability of the natural stone.

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