Echo Building, Liverpool


  • KEIM Royalan

Decorator: Curtis Painting Group



Echo Building, 95 Old Hall Street, Liverpool


The Echo Building is located at 95 Old Hall Street in Liverpool city centre. It was built in 1974 as a brutalist style building and stands 240ft tall at 18 storeys, making it the joint tenth highest building in Liverpool. It provides office spaces for the Liverpool Echo newspaper distribution centre and printing rooms.

The tower provides amazing panoramic views across the city of Liverpool and the renowned World Heritage waterfront.

It has now undergone a refurbishment and adaption into a mixed use building which includes; a hotel with a sky bar and restaurant on the upper floors, retail and office space and car parking.

The works also included improvements to the fa├žade of both the podium levels and tower, to provide direct access from Old Hall Street and the frontage along Brook Street.

Paul Milligan, Area Business Development Manager, of KEIM Paints, visited site in June 2020 and it was decided by the decorator, Curtis Painting Group, that the KEIM Royalan system would be the best product because of the exposed location of the building.

The Echo Building now looks sleek and modern and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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