Dyers Court Mural


  • KEIM Soldalit

Client: Retford Civic Society 

Artist: Frank Canning 


Dyers Court Mural, Retford

Mural application using KEIM Soldalit for longevity as part of this local civic society project.

Excerpt from the newsletter link below -

'Ah! Paint – Frank wondered about this. So he went straight to the top, and rang Michael Alford, renowned for his murals, whose first question was “How long have you lived in Retford?” “Forty years,” said Frank. “Well, you’ll soon be emigrating if you use ordinary paint: it’ll flake off. What you need is KEIM  paints – for the undercoat, and mural painting; then you’ll need an anti-graffiti coat. Then it will last 100 years.” So Frank contacted KEIM Paints, and a meeting was arranged with them'.

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