Deepfields Cheshire


  • KEIM Soldalit 
  • KEIM Universal Render


Deepfields, Cheshire


This 10,000 st ft Regency style new build property was built on the combined 2 acre site of an existing property and its neighbouring land.  The luxury property has its own indoor swimming pool and cinema and was the winner of the Luxury New Build 2014.  The outer walls were constructed using blockwork and then rendered using KEIM Universal Render, which is an extremely flexible render system, negating the needs for expansion joints which would look unsightly on the impressive building.  The render was then painted using KEIM Soldalit which combines durability with breathability, ensuring the system will last for many years.  The swimming pools ceilings were also plastered using KEIM Universal Render but the fine version for a smooth finish, and decorated with KEIM Soldalit to give a high performance finish in such a humid environment.

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