Chaplais Kitchen, Cheltenham


  • KEIM Restauro Top
  • KEIM Soldalit Grob
  • KEIM Soldalit-ME

Designer: Fallon Kirkum Interior Décor & Styling


Chaplais Kitchen, Cheltenham


This Grade II Listed building at 15 Rotunda Terrace is one of a number of historic buildings dating back to the 1840s and 50s. The designer contacted KEIM because KEIM had been recommended for the external stone townhouse. There were large chunks of the architectural stonework features missing on the vertical surfaces in which stainless steel pins were advised to be used to hold the KEIM Restauro Top in place whilst it set. We recommended that the repair system was built up proud of the surface and dressed back to the exact shape required on the same day before it set. KEIM Soldalit Grob was used to equalise the surface and texture variations from the repairs followed by two-coats of KEIM Soldalit ME to give a fresh look. 

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