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Cefn Castell


As I settled down last night to watch Grand Designs on Channel 4 I was hopeful that a KEIM bucket or logo would have ‘sneaked’ into shot but the editors were obviously attentive and despite the extensive KEIM materials used on the project we didn’t get a direct mention.

The cliff top property, called Cefn Castell, is in fact an excellent ‘KEIM’ showcase, with all of the external masonry and internal plaster having been decorated with KEIM Mineral Paints.

The exterior render itself is a KEIM product, KEIM Universal Render which is a very durable lime based material ideal even for exposed location such as the North Wales coast. KEIM Universal Render is very flexible and doesn’t require expansion joints in itself, perfect for achieving the crisp exterior look of the project. The high quality finish that has been achieved echo’s Kevin McCloud’s comments about the contractor’s precise attention to detail and has been enhanced and protected by the use of KEIM  Soldalit-ME as the paint choice.

KEIM Soldalit-ME, like all KEIM mineral paints, is extremely durable offering unparalleled longevity. There are examples of KEIM Mineral Paints offering protection to buildings for over 100 years, even in some equally harsh and exposed European conditions. KEIM Soldalit-ME combines all of the original features of a mineral paint, like its permanent chemical bond to the surface, with modern developments in the technology such as the addition of a naturally occurring catalyst, which will actively help to break down surface contaminants and algae spores. The white colour choice is brighter for using a mineral paint, the permanent chemical bond having a micro-crystalline structure which increases light reflectivity and therefore appears much brighter. The use of only natural pigments, as with all of our products, will ensure that the white never ‘yellows’ or fades.

Internally KEIM Ecosil-ME was used for all of the plasterwork and the advantages of the mineral finish, along with all of the other white interior features, were clear by the comments about the ‘whiteness’ enhancing the exterior natural colours of the beautiful vista of the property. The odourless, low VOC and solvent free paint was easily applied by the Rob and Kay themselves (we did at least get a shot of the paint on Rob’s hands during one interview) and will actually help to keep a cleaner, healthier internal environment for them to live in.

It was a pleasure to have been personally involved with the project and having spoken to Rob many times during the process it was lovely to put a face to the voice and see all his hard work eventually turn into their dream home. I sincerely hope that they can keep that cliff ‘under control’, protect the property for many years to come and that nature doesn’t try and reclaim all of the lovely minerals in our products!

By Hannah Maiden, Business Development Advisor, KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd

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