Brays Apartments, Malvern


  • KEIM Soldalit 

Applicator: Cofield Building

Brays Apartments, 31-39 Worcester Road, Malvern


The former Brays department store in Worcester Road, Malvern has been given a new lease of life. This iconic building which marks the start of the beautiful Malvern high street was originally opened in 1895. It stood the test of time through many generations until the store closed in 2019 when the owners retired. Since then the building has undergone a significant transformation, converting the store into apartments whilst complimenting and preserving the original natural beauty this iconic building so deserves.

The Victorian lime render and stonework apartment block was previously painted with areas stripped back to the original substrates to provide full breathability. KEIM Soldalit Fixativ was applied onto bare areas, followed by a coat of KEIM Soldalit Grob and two-coats KEIM Soldalit over all surfaces to provide a long lasting finish.

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