Boderton Mews, Petworth


  • KEIM Soldalit Grob
  • KEIM Soldalit-ME

Boderton Mews, Burton Park, Petworth


Boderton Mews was built in 1997 in the Georgian style of the Grade I Listed House. The properties are rendered Mews style homes and occupies a remarkable setting at the foot of the South Downs in the village of Duncton. Once all the loose and flaking paint was removed, KEIM Soldalit Grob was applied to give a uniform finish over all surfaces. A two-coat application of KEIM Soldalit-ME was then applied to reduce bacteria and mould spores that will be created from the canopy of trees and plants. We recommended cleaning the external surfaces every 2 years to remove any dirt and tree pollen that may accumulate to maintain the buildings looking their best.

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