Aurora Eccles School, Quidenham


  • KEIM Soldalit Grob
  • KEIM Soldalit-ME
  • KEIM Royalan
  • KEIM Lotexan

Contractor: NCL Contractors


Aurora Eccles School, Quidenham


Aurora Eccles School is a Grade 2 Listed independent day school that provides specialist education for students who have found learning difficult in other mainstream schools. The building was DOFF cleaned and some brickwork was replaced. KEIM Soldalit Grob was applied to equalise textural variations, followed by a two-coat application of KEIM Soldalit-ME. KEIM Royalan was used on the plinths and KEIM Lotexan was treated on the copings stones and accompanying mortar joints to provide a water repellent coating.

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