Judge’s Lodgings Museum


  • KEIM Restaruo Grund
  • KEIM Restauro Top
  • KEIM Soldalit

Judge’s Lodgings Museum, Broad Street, Presteigne


This award-winning Grade 2 Listed museum was built in the 1870s and is located on Broad Street in Presteigne. Visitors can explore the ‘upstairs, downstairs’ life of the Victorian Judges, their servants and felonious guests. 

The museum was decorated using Keim Granital over 20 years ago and we were approached for the maintenance redecoration. In July 2018 a specification was issued following a site visit by Bryan Roe, Keim Mineral Paints Sales Executive. It was evident that an acrylic coating had been applied onto the surface, we recommend that all film-forming coatings were removed to gain breathable within the substrate again. 

Sample paint flakes were removed from the pedestal so the same colours could be reused. Once the client approved the colours, KEIM Algicid was applied onto to areas which were suffering from the widespread of mould and green growth. KEIM Restauro Grund and KEIM Restauro Top were used as a repair system for the base of the building which was flaking and spalling soft stone. A two-coat KEIM Soldalit system was applied over all surfaces due to its longevity, breathability and complete UV stability. 

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