33 Broadwick Street, London


  • KEIM Lime Remover
  • KEIM Royalan

Decorator: H & S Decorating Specialists Ltd

33 Broadwick Street, Soho, London


This mixed-use commercial development is located in the centre of the West End and is now a 7 storey-building after being demolished and replaced in the 1980s. The decorator contacted KEIM in 2018 and a site visit and specification followed. KEIM referred to 20 Farringdon Road, London in the specification showing and explaining the level of abrasion required for the smooth polished granite surfaces, which allows KEIM paints to achieve the chemical bond required to give the life expectancy needed. KEIM Lime Remover was used to help etch the surface, followed by the KEIM Royalan system giving a beautiful, sleek black & blue finish. 

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