24 Kensington Park Gardens


  • KEIM Soldalit-ME

Applicator: Universal Stone Ltd

24 Kensington Park Gardens, London


This large Grade II* Listed property in Kensington, London needed the lime stucco render repairing and to be redecorated using a mineral paint system. The previous acrylic-based paint meant that the surfaces couldn’t breathe, which caused the render to crack and the acrylic paint was falling off. 

KEIM visited the property and produced a specification using KEIM Soldalit Fixativ onto the bare lime stucco render, followed by a coat of KEIM Soldalit Grob over all surfaces to help blend in the edges of the repairs and paint edges where the loose and flaking materials had been taken back to a sound edge. A two-coat application of KEIM Soldalit-ME was then applied, in a bespoke colour reference made specifically for this project to help neutralise toxic emissions (Nitrogen Oxides) from the air, which are primarily caused by vehicles.

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