KEIM Turado is a universal, highly fibre-reinforced, natural white renovation render for interior and exterior use.


KEIM Turado offers the highest resistance against cracking due to large, long fibre reinforcement.  Due to its outstanding stability, KEIM Turado can be applied in layers as thin as 3mm and its exceptional adhesion means it can be applied onto a wide range of substrates. It is easy to use and optimised for quick and efficient application. KEIM Turado is available in a smooth finish and is especially suited to be rubbed or felt-floated. Not suitable for application onto plasto-elastic and saponifiable substrates.


  • Easy to use and a quick application
  • Extremely flexible – No need for expansion joints (except where engineered into the building)
  • White cement-based render
  • Good breathability
  • Ideal for modern building projects
  • High resistance against cracking, flaking and differences in textures
  • Minimum 3mm thickness
  • Minimum 10 day drying time before painting
  • Mortar category CS II, CS III and CS IV
  • Reinforced with Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh
  • Long life and durable system
  • NOT suitable for application onto plasto-elastic and saponifiable substrates.
  • On-site technical assistance and specifications available


KEIM Turado

Standard render to DIN EN 998-1, mortar category CS II, CS III and CS IV. Grain size: 1.0 mm. Layers – minimum thickness 3mm – maximum thickness 12mm.

Colour shade
Natural White

Float, trowel, render mixing machine or blunger for smaller quantities

approx. 1.35 kg/m² per 1 mm render thickness

25 kg sack, Pallet: 36 x 25 kg

KEIM Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh

Ready to use reinforcing mesh for both localised added crack resistance and increased flexibility for façade rendering. Suitable for use with all KEIM Render systems.

1 linear metre per square metre (supplied in rolls 1.1 metre wide & 50 metres long)

KEIM Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh

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