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Farmhouse in Monmouthshire


  • KEIM Algicid
  • KEIM Silan Primer
  • KEIM Granital Grob
  • KEIM Granital Dilution
  • KEIM Granital 9115

Location: Lydart, Monmouthshire

Project Photographs: KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd

Completed: 2022

About this project

This Grade II listed farmhouse in Monmouthshire has recently been redecorated using the KEIM Granital system. The 16th โ€“ 18th century limewashed lime rendered property needed a freshen up. The limewash was delaminating and powdery, lower sections on the northern elevation were damp with black mould, green growth moss and algae were prevalent on all elevations, as well as hairline cracks within the render.  

It was specified that all elevations should be cleaned free of excessive mould and green-growth and powdery residue from the limewash. KEIM Algicid-Plus to be applied and left to dry on the surface before coating. The lower exposed render on the front elevation was suffering from splash back off the paving stone, it was recommended that an application of KEIM Silan Primer was applied on the first 0.5m of this elevation, to allow improved water repellence. The KEIM Granital system was then used to obliterate hairline cracks and provide a breathable coating.  


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