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2. Lime systems  
The "mineral principle" Amazing benefits of silicate paints. More NHL-Kalkputze® Die Reinheit von Kalk im Putz! Mehr inverse Chalk - a material in its originality Naturally simple, simply natural 0 Lime – the earliest traces of lime being used as a construction material go way back in human history. Lime was one of the first binders in the history of construction and can today be proved to have been used in many fundamental structures from the past. Lime is derived from the heart of nature and is currently enjoying a justified comeback in a modern construction context and in the…  
KEIM PURKRISTALAT PAINT POWDER Pure silicate paint for façade coatings consisting of two components To the product KEIM Ätzflüssigkeit Cleaning agent for render surfaces and many more To the product KEIM DECOR PAINT POWDER For decorative paintings both inside and outside To the product KEIM LIME BRUSHES Special brushes made from the very best mixture of Chinese bristles. To the product KEIM ROMANIT® REFERENCES 0 inverse KEIM Romanit-System Lime coatings have been used by people for hundreds of years in order to protect and decorate buildings and interiors, of which many…  
4. KEIM Innopro  
Whether living room, kitchen or bathroom, whether wall or ceiling, whether first coating or refinish – KEIM Innopro provides true comfort! The new painter’s quality from KEIM with wet abrasion class 2 convinces by truly easy application and a homogeneous appearance. KEIM Innopro can be used on all common, interior substrates. BENEFITS: – Excellent covering power: Class 1 – Very good cleanability – also for stressed surfaces  – Optimal building physics – Comfort white, a warm and pleasant white tone for a harmonious living atmosphere – No pot preservatives added – Mineral…  
5. KEIM Quarzil  
KEIM Soliprim Primer for interior use View product KEIM Farbkonzentrate for tinting of KEIM Quarzil View product KEIM Dispersionsentferner Biodegradable paint stripper View product KEIM Quarzil® References 0 inverse   KEIM QUARZIL® - INTERIOR SILICATE PAINT FOR HIGH-QUALITY BUILDING STRUCTURES KEIM Quarzil is the very best of mineral quality. KEIM Quarzil meets the highest demands in appearance and building physics and was especially engineered for the requirements of precious buildings. KEIM Quarzil is highly water vapour permeable, which allows wall moisture to…  
6. KEIM Optil  
KEIM Soliprim Interior primer View product Sales & Support Here you will find your local expert advisor Learn more KEIM Innenroller High quality, short-piled paint roller View product Download Colour Chart KEIM Avantgarde colour shades Download now Feel-good colours Colour psychology & colour effect Learn more KEIM Optil® References 0 inverse THE PERFECT PAINT FOR EXPRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE AND COLOUR EFFECT KEIM Optil – a premium interior paint that meets the requirements of modern architectural design while combining the highest mineral quality and a fascinating…  
7. Careers  
CAREER AT KEIM Job vacancies and information for applicants inverse 0 Current vacancies

Here you will find our current job offers along with all necessary information.

Nothing to match your profile? Just send us an unsolicited application with your focus of interest. Apply now For 140 years, we have been globally active as a medium-sized business in the construction-chemical industry. Among our product range are facade and interior paints, renders, exterior insulation finishing systems, concrete renovation and stone-replacement materials. We have our committed and highly…
8. Locations  
inverse Keim national locations and distributors worldwide Diedorf near Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany) is our headquarters and at the same time the largest location with production facilities, R&D, customer showroom and training centre. 0 Alt-Tag: subsidiary in cologne Branch office
Branch office of KEIM in Cologne
Mathias-Brüggen-Str. 136
50829 Köln Tel: 0221 800698-0
Fax: 0221 800698-29
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10. KEIM Concretal-W  
KEIM Silangrund Water-repellent, silane-based primer View product Contact-Plus-Grob Silicate based priming coat for renovation works View product KEIM Silan-100 Solvent-free, silane-based water repellent View product Contact-Plus Silicate based priming coat for renovation works View product KEIM Concretal®-W References inverse 0 KEIM Concretal®-W - Water protection, chloride protection, weather protection Damage and effective protection, on the one hand, and achieving architectural aims, on the other, often seem to be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, with KEIM Concretal…  
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