Steigenberger Hotel


  • KEIM Soldalit

Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA), Bonn 


Painting company:
Jaensch GmbH, Bonn und Düsseldorf 

Stucco plasterer
Stuck-Belz, Bonn 

Ives Paduch Fotografie 

Where Nelson Mandela sang a song

For a short while now, it has been glowing again from a hill in the German mountain region "Siebengebirge" high above the Rhine Valley near Bonn: The ocher-yellow façade of the Hotel Petersberg. The extensive renovation of the hotel is completed. In addition to the modernisation of the historic building, the focus was also on the preservation of the building with its significant history.

Special place with special guests ...
The Petersberg, a peak of the German mountain region 'Siebengebirge', rises 350 meters above river Rhine. The Neo-Baroque building of the Hotel Petersberg, which served as a guesthouse for a long time and attracted numerous celebrities from all over the world, sits enthroned on top of this. Prominent guests streamed in and out: Her majesty herself "The Queen", stars from sports and film such as Michael Schumacher who celebrated is wedding here, Bill Clinton or Emperor Akihito. Among them was Nelson Mandela in 1996, who was surprised by a chorus with freedom songs in his native tongue - the president sang and danced along. And Konrad Adenauer negotiated exactly in this building with the Allies, by stepping on on the same carpet and thus on the same level with them. It is stories such as these that make Petersberg a place with a very special atmosphere.

5,000 square metre of ochre yellow
The façade of the Hotel Petersberg was also in need of renovation. Norbert Krämer, Managing Director of the painting company 'Jaensch' from Bonn recalls: "With its location 350 meters above the river Rhine on top a mountain and surrounded by forest, the hotel was exposed to extreme wind and weather conditions." The facade was heavily polluted and partly heavily subject to algae infestation. In particular on the side of the façade close to the river, there was a large-area of plaster that had to be renewed because the flush-mounted was no longer stable enough for a new coating. The yellowish shade was also very faded. The reason for this condition was a silicone resin paint, which was used in this area years ago in an intermediate renovation. Jaensch, which was involved in the refurbishment of the hotel in the 1990s and is specialised in repairing such significant historic buildings and churches, started work at 5,000 square meters in July 2017. "After the company Belz cleaned, removed and renewed the plastered surface, it was our turn. We cleaned the surfaces to eliminate the biogenic infestation in order to create a neutral and stable base on which we could build," explains Krämer. With KEIM Fixativ as a primer, the craftsmen made a uniform surface to make sure that the paint sucks evenly and later acts homogeneously in the surface. "Finally, we applied the colour KEIM Soldalit in the colour shade ocher yellow twice."

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