• KEIM Purkristalat®

Project data: 
Schweighofweg 6, 8, 12, Kriens/Luzern, Switzerland

PKG Pensionskasse Luzern und LUPK Luzerner Pensionskasse

Lüscher Bucher Theiler Architekten, Luzern, 

Design and visualisation: 
L’Equipe [visuelle], Emmenbrücke, 

Maler Schlotterbeck AG, Adligenswil, 

Image source: Ursula Ochsenbein 

Sustainable facade design

The Schweighof facades, which at the same time are artistically and artisanal, do not simply portray illusionistic scenarios from an idealized past. Rather, they are almost unprecedented in dimension, almost like a monument to a craft far beyond the fast time it has just produced. Because the applied two-component pure silicate technology is exactly the same, with which over a hundred years ago, for example, the town hall in Schwyz, the old town of Stein am Rhein or the Dornacherhaus in Lucerne were designed. What is artificially and artistically implemented here in a place of rapid change, is likely to be preserved in over a hundred years of valuable beauty. 

This fact, based on historical experience, in combination with the architects' affinity for Robert Zünd's landscape painting finally led the client to realize the somewhat more elaborate, but never seen in this way and extremely durable building facades in 2-K silicate technique. KEIM Purkristalat owes the required quality of its more than 140-year history and experience in the perfect match of its high-quality, exclusively mineral ingredients such as inorganic, absolutely lightfast pigments, selected minerals as fillers and pure, liquid potassium silicate as a binder. The high lightfastness ensures a consistent result over decades. Repairs or restorations are not necessary for a long time and can be carried out easily even after many years. The luminosity and liveliness of the pure silicate paints are retained for decades and create worthy aging facades.

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