• KEIM Royalan
  • KEIM-Dispersionsentferner

Aedas Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Interior Design
Alexandra Champalimaud, New York

Renovation planning
Studio Lapis, Singapore

Sunray Woodcraft Construction Pte. Ltd., Singapore


White Beauty

The historic Raffles Hotel in Singapore has been for almost two years completely renovated. Thanks to mineral facade paints from KEIM, especially formulated for the tropical climate, the colonial style building glows again in finest white. Singapore, the booming city state in South East Asia, provides all types of fascinating architectural highlights, state-of-the-art modern buildings on one hand and the historic heritage of the colonial era on the other. From 1867 till 1963 Singapore was part of the British Empire that you can still recognise in the city and urban landscape. Since 1994 the city administration has a specific focus on the numerous buildings of this typical colonial style and thus also on “The Raffles Hotel” which in1887 was just a two-floor building with 10 rooms. In the following years the hotel was successively enlarged and turned into a luxurious location of hospitality. The name comes from Singapore’s founder, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, and since 1987 the building holds the status as a national monument.

A two-year renovation with focus on the historic substance in combination with the demands and requirements of today’s travellers was already carried out in 1989. That comprised the modernisation of the 115 hotel suites and the renovation of the filigree delicate facade. The facades facing the street and the facades surrounding a large patio should again glow in the typical and of course long-lasting white coating of the colonial construction style. A search for the corresponding coating led the planners to KEIM’s portfolio including KEIM Royalan a mineral paint that is optimised for tropical weather conditions. For the first step numerous test areas were coated by the applicators in April of 2018 in order to determine together with the planners and builders the exact white tone under true light conditions. This large-scale renovation work started two months later with a complete removal of the many existing coatings down to the substrate with the biodegradable KEIM Dispersionsentferner (paint stripper) followed by the new two-coat finish with KEIM Royalan. The work lasted for an entire year. Finally in June 2019 the scaffoldings were removed. “The Raffles Hotel” - a hotel icon - reopened on schedule in August 2019 with a new swimming pool, restaurants and bars providing the feeling of the revived, long past era of the colonialistic style. “The Raffles Hotel Singapore” belongs to the Raffles Hotel Chain which is part of the international Accor Group.


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