MOCAA Zeitz Museum


  • KEIM Betonschnellreiniger (Concrete cleaner)
  • KEIM Concretal-MKH (Corrosion protection and bonding bridge)
  • KEIM Concretal-Feinspachtel (Fine filler)
  • KEIM Concretal-Mörtel-R (Repair mortar)
  • KEIM Concretal-Lasur (Concrete glaze)
  • KEIM Concretal-Base (Pigment-free additive ) or KEIM Concretal-Fixativ (Dilution)

Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town, South-Africa 

Heatherwick Studio, London

From old to new

In Cape Town, a historic grain silo has blossomed into a museum of contemporary African art. The architects at Heatherwick Studio have sawed open the concrete walls of the granaries, creating an atrium of almost cathedral-like character. New concrete reinforces the old silo walls - only after a subsequent treatment with KEIM Concretal did it meet the demands of the planners.

Text: Christian Schönwetter, Specialist for architecture and design

Images: KEIMFARBEN and Ryan Torres

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