KEIM Innopro® - comfort paint for shiny walls

Whether living room, kitchen or bathroom, whether wall or ceiling, whether first coating or refinish – KEIM Innopro provides true comfort! The new painter’s quality from KEIM with wet abrasion class 2 convinces by truly easy application and a homogeneous appearance. KEIM Innopro can be used on all common, interior substrates.


– Excellent covering power: Class 1
– Very good cleanability – also for stressed surfaces 
– Optimal building physics
– Comfort white, a warm and pleasant white tone for a harmonious living atmosphere
– No pot preservatives added
– Mineral matt appearance
– Incombustible

Overview of KEIM Innopro® system products

KEIM Innopro®

KEIM Innopro is a high-quality sol-silicate paint for interior use according to DIN 18 363 par. 2.4.1, silicate emulsion paint. KEIM Innopro is a comfort paint for professionals and suitable for all common interior wall and ceiling surfaces in new construction and for renovation. 
It is particularly suited for woodchip wallpaper. The warm comfort white provides a harmonious living atmosphere. KEIM Innopro complies with wet abrasion class 2 according to DIN EN 13 300.

Officially recommended by Sentinel-Haus-Institut!

Colour shade
White and colour shades. KEIM Innopro can be tinted with KEIM PPF-Technology® according to all common colour collections.

Paint brush, roller, airless sprayer

On a smooth substrate: approx. 0,125 l per mand coating

2.5 l, 5 l und 12.5 l container
Pallet: 32 x 12.5 l/ 70 x 5 l

KEIM Soliprim

Special silicate primer for interior use based on a binder combination of hydrosol and silica sol. Equalizing, substrate-solidifying, adhesion-supporting.

5 l and 20 l containers
Pallet: 24 x 20 l / 96 x 5 l

0.10 - 0.20 l/m²