KEIM Twinstar® - first 2in1 coating for facades


KEIM Twinstar is the new innovative facade paint with double benefits. KEIM Twinstar provides maximal efficiency in times of skilled worker shortage: This 2in1 coating allows the application of base and top coat together, wet-in-wet, with no drying time in between. Plus, an intelligent active principle protects safely from microorganisms growth – completely without biocides. For a sustainable climate protection!


– Biocide-free growth prevention
– Optimal building physics
– Clean and UV-resistant facades
– Double protection principle: Fast redrying and innovative filters
– Universal application in old and new construction, and also on insulated facades
– Sol-Silicate Technology
– „natureplus“ certified


Overview of KEIM Twinstar® system products

KEIM Twinstar® - NEW!

KEIM Twinstar is a sol-silicate based, innovative, functional coating for facades. KEIM Twinstar perfectly combines high application efficiency with a biocide-free formulation approach for clean facades.
KEIM Twinstar is water-repellent, highly open to diffusion, lightfast, UV stable and extremely weather-resistant. Base and top coat can be applied very efficient in one work step without intermediate waiting time thanks to the innovative product formulation with specific application and drying properties.
Complies with the requirements of DIN 18 363, 2.4.1.

Colour shade
White and colour shades. Tintable with KEIM PPF-Technology® according to all common colour collections.
The colour range comprises light- up to medium-pigmented shades.
Full-tone colours are not available.

Brush, roller or airless sprayer



ca. 0,45 kg/m² for a finished surface

2.5 kg, 5 kg and 18 kg container
Pallet: 32 x 18 kg / 70 x 5 kg

KEIM Alkaclean - NEW!

Liquid alkaline cleaning agent for facades. Ready-to-use formulation. Ideal as pretreatment before coating with KEIM Twinstar. 

Colour shade
Clear, colourless


ca. 0.2- 0.25 l/m2

5 l und 20 l container
Pallet: 24 x 20 l/96 x 5 l

Further information
Product brochure

KEIM Twinstar - Innovative facade paint with double benefits.

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Supplementary product

KEIM Ätzflüssigkeit (Lime remover) - for the cleaning of renders.

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