building physics against algae or fungus growth

KEIM AquaRoyal® sets new standards - without using biocides.

It is often a common mistake that biocides are used among all facade insulation materials. It is unfortunate that actually biocides are widely used as a supposedly cheap solution to the build-up of algae - eventually effecting nature, the surroundings in which you live and even your garden. The effectiveness of biocides on the facade is actually very limited. On average, all traces have disappeared after 4 years. If you then have to retouch the biocide coat with a further one, the cheap facade soon becomes very expensive. Algae and mould can appear practically everywhere. The risk that a facade will become visibly effected is actually quite low in the vast majority of cases, which means that it could be effectively controlled with the balanced structural resistance of the system structure.

Many years of practical experience have proven that ETICS in combination with KEIM AquaROYAL® significantly reduce the risk of algae and mould growing on the surfaces. When you choose KEIM AquaROYAL®, you choose a tried-and-tested, functional system that brings back the advantages offered by mineral building materials to the facade. Design and aesthetics are the same quality as the effectiveness of the insulation, astructural resistance replaces the use of biocides proving to be reliable over many years.

Overview- KEIM AquaRoyal system assemblies

In the KEIM AquaROYAL system you can choose from a variety of system setups.
Aqua Royal Übersicht
System assemblies

There are several system assemblies to choose from in the KEIM AquaROYAL®-System.


  • Brickworks
  • Aerated concrete
  • Vertical coring brick
  • with and without render respectively
  • Adhesive tensile strength? 0.08N/mm²
  • on panel materials in a wood frame design in accordance with Z-33.47-727

(Please pay attention to the respective system and dowel certifications)

Why does AquaROYAL® work?

KEIM AquaROYAL is a closed render and coating system which is characterised by the exactly coordinated, hygrothermic behaviour of the individual coats. The components base render, top render and coating are all clearly defined and can, in contrast to other systems, be freely combined and used in various thicknesses. This strict allocation is the exact guarantee that the entire system works to minimise the risk of growth.

And it is based on the exactly adjusted behaviour of the individual coats. The overall higher render thickness means that the significant functions are transferred onto individual coats, through which protection against the elements is guaranteed by the base render, while the top render and coating can absorb and intermediately store moisture, if necessary.

The capillary-active moisture transport within the top render layer and the high diffusion ability of the coating ensure an unrivalled drying rate. By using mineral renders and coatings, the KEIM AquaROYAL System also scores points thanks to its particular colour-tone stability, a reduced tendency to get dirty and, depending on the insulation material chosen, first-rate fire protection.



The insulation material that you choose has a very significant effect on what happens to the system in the event of a fire.


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Clean facades, clean environment, structural physics instead of biocide!

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