NEW - Sustainability data sheets

Fast and transparent overview with our sustainability data sheets.

Healthy living and sustainability are becoming more and more important in the construction and real estate industry. Private builders, public tenderers, architects, housing associations as well as processors in the building and painting trades increasingly want to know how products are composed, what ingredients are contained or, in many cases, what is not contained. Certification systems for buildings make their sustainability measurable and assessable and lead to a great demand for suitable products and certification-relevant information.

KEIMFARBEN has always been a pioneer in the field of sustainability with its mineral product range. Our new sustainability data sheets now contain all the necessary data to optimally use KEIM products in sustainable building planning. In addition to information on ingredients and details on possible emissions, they also include references to test reports, expert opinions and environmental management systems. Plus, the suitability according to criteria of the building certification systems of the DGNB and according to LEED can be found, which provides a quick and transparent overview of which building products can be used in the targeted certification. 

In a first step, our sustainability data sheets are available for the following products:
-    Interior paints KEIM Biosil, KEIM Innopro, KEIM Innostar and KEIM Mycal-Top
-    exterior paints KEIM Soldalit and KEIM Granital, and, 
-    KEIM Lignosil-Inco, our silicate paint for wood.

You will find the sustainability data sheets under the product and Downloads