NEW: KEIM Concretal®-Black!

The deepest black known to concrete.

Available in five noble shades of black for different colour effects.


Black is absolute. Black is aesthetic. Black is strong, elegant and a little dramatic. Black buildings provoke. They are unusual and contradict viewing habits. Black facades are a statement of our time and are very trendy, because they set their very own, powerful accents. Black building surfaces appear homogeneous because window surfaces are optically integrated. Black absorbs shadows, reduces plasticity and makes volumes appear slimmer - a welcome feature in times of highly insulated buildings. Black as a timeless, yet modern colour has what it takes to establish itself as a contrast to the almost uniform use of white.

KEIM Concretal-Black, the new sol silicate paint for concrete, is based on absolutely lightfast, UV-stable pigments and emphasizes the geometrically clear design of contemporary architecture. Set individual and powerful accents in five intense shades of black: 

  • PURITY – Pure black is pitch-dark, somewhat dramatic and has a graphic effect that is hard to resist. KEIM Concretal-Black Purity - the pure power of black! 
  • PEARL – Elegant black with a deep blue nuance. Inspired by the dark pearls from the depths of the ocean. KEIM Concretal-Black Pearl – precious like a South Sea pearl. 
  • AURORA – A black night glows with the harmonic red of the rising sun. KEIM Concretal-Black Aurora – like the warm mood of a splendid sunrise.
  • FOREST – Deep black with a touch of mystic green. Inspired by the fir trees of the mystical Black Forest. KEIM Concretal-Black Forest – the mysterious black.
  • ECLIPSE – Pure black accentuated by a light yellow tone. KEIM Concretal-Black Eclipse – unique like the natural spectacle of a solar eclipse.


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