conservation&creation Edition KEIM

Special edition in memory of Zaha Hadid's architectural world

The latest edition of „Conservation and Creation" is first published in a new KEIM design. It is a special issue for us in many respects and has the title
„Fluid, kinetic, parametric: the architectural world of Zaha Hadid“.

In the midst of preparing this Conservation and Creation edition, we received the news of the sudden death of the protagonist. And so an exhibition of her work has become a posthumous retrospective, an attempt to explore Hadid´s universe of fluid construction; the two-dimensional nature of the printed form can only hint at the fascination which takes hold when standing in front of or even better inside the buildings she has designed. 

No matter how innovative and breathtaking the interplay of volumes, forms and surfaces, even avantgarde design needs to be protected from the rigours of adverse weather conditions. KEIMFARBEN is involved in many projects with corresponding silicate-based products – on the outside and inside.

Thank you very much for your support and the pictures for this edition. We wish you an enjoyable and informative reading. Get inspired.

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Zaha Hadid's architecture world
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