Wall design in the living room

It is typical to spend a lot of time in the living room. This makes a harmonious atmosphere and arrangement all the more important. The walls naturally have a big influence on the room as they provide its backdrop. Depending on your personal style, the wall design can be calming or inspiring


Walls design knows no bounds

Accessories and furniture are easy to buy through furniture shops and online stores. Those who are loyal to the Zen style will probably tend towards white walls. Celebrating an African lifestyle means choosing warmer, earthy tones. A sunny Mediterranean feeling in the living room is simple to create with a wiping technique that combines orange and sunflower yellow.

What's important overall is that walls complement but don't dominate rooms. For example, a cinnabar red wall in the background creates a fantastic contrast when white furniture and accessories are used. The combination of contrasting paints brightens up the room and its occupants.