The bedroom – a refuge and a retreat

The best way to imbue a bedroom with rest and relaxation is by using low-emission paints in gentle, pleasant shades. Pastel tones are particularly suitable here, but even dark colours that have warm undertones can be wonderful, depending on the room size. A large room with dark red walls, for example, can have a cosy and warm ambience. Personal tastes are very important too, however.


Bedroom colours

The colour choice for any given bedroom depends on personal requirements and is often based on shades found in its furniture. For those who wish to use their bedroom exclusively as a place to find rest, simple, calming and preferably dark tones are the best choice. However, for those with limited space who also use their bedroom to watch TV, chat on the phone or even work, lighter colours and even happy patterns are a more advisable choice.

One must also consider the location in the space of a given room – the direction of its windows and whether it's located on the ground floor or under the roof – as this can be an influential factor. Primarily light-filled rooms are best served with darker colours which slightly tone down the lightness, and vice versa, rooms which are on the darker side should be furnished with brighter, livelier colours.

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